Re:Generation 2022

Which stories belong in public? Re:Generation is a nationwide participatory public art and history project organized by Monument Lab. The project elevates people shaping the next generation of monuments reckoning with and reimagining public memory. We curated Re:Generation through an open call and distributed a total of $1 Million across ten project sites (team received a total of $100,000 toward its local commemorative campaign) led by local collaborative teams of artists, educators, storytellers, and organizers. Each team pursued a commemorative campaign rooted in the living history of a neighborhood, city, or region. In the Spring and Fall of 2022, Monument Lab’s Re:Generation kicked off with nationwide conversations, exhibitions, and special events. Re:Generation is supported by the Mellon Foundation’s Monuments Project.

The Monument Lab Re:Generation project sites:

Mlab Summit 09 Websize (1)
Monument Lab Summit in Washington D.C. with Re:Generation team representatives, April 2022 (AJ Mitchell/Monument Lab).

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Co-Curators: Paul M. Farber and Sue Mobley

Project Management: Greta Gabriel and Kristen Giannantonio

Communications: Corina Chang, Florie Hutchinson, and Dina Paola Rodriguez

Design: William Hodgson and Raina Wellman

Senior Research Advisors: Thomas J. Adams, Laurie Allen

Monument Lab Team: Jen Cleary, Patricia Eunji Kim, Allison Nkwocha, Naima Murphy Salcido, Nico Rodriguez, and Elliot Waters-Fleming

Research Associates: Kareal Amenumey, Lily Doron, Mara Lazer, Adele Kentworthy, Fred Schmidt-Arenales, and Tina Villadolid

Monument Lab Board of Directors: Tiffany Tavarez (Chair), Monica O. Montgomery (Vice Chair), Stephan Nicoleau (Treasurer), Lola Bakare (Secretary), Ellery Roberts Biddle, Amari Johnson, and Kirk Savage

Video Producers: Jon Kaufman, El Sawyer, and Gabriel Wiener for MING Media

Video Editors: Gabriel Wiener, Jon Kaufman, and Alex Nguyen

Camera: Jon Kaufman, Gabriel Wiener, Hannah Price, and Aidan Un

Additional Camera: Brian Redondo and Anna Concepcion for Tandang Sora, JJN Multimedia and J.D. Belcher for Courage in the Hollers

Video Narrator: Yolanda Wisher

Photography: Stef Bernal-Martinez, Kriston Jae Bethel, Quinsonta Boyd, Hilda Cortez, Langston Ewing, Keyairis Henry and Alumni Broadcasting Association, John L. Hosteen, Daniel Jackson, Lonnie Jeffries, Naomieh Jovin, Marissa Leshnov, A.J. Mitchell, Jared Rafaelo, Adriana Vázquez Acevedo, and Dylan Vidovich

Re:Generation Advisory Board: idris brewster, Theresa Hyuna Hwang, Grace Sanders Johnson, Jebney Lewis, and Andrea Steves

Re:Generation Open Call Jury: Chris Dier, Stephanie Garcia, Theresa Hyuna Hwang, Patricia Eunji Kim, Katrina Phillips, Justin Reid, Andrea Roberts, Naima Murphy Salcido, Kirk Savage, Geoff Ward, and Marisa Williamson

Local Partner Organizations: Black Hills Area Community Foundation (Rapid City Indian Boarding School Lands Project, Rapid City, S.D.), Casa Histórica de la Música en Cayey (Archivos del Caribe, Cayey, Puerto Rico), Diaspora Connections Unlimited (The Black HerStory Initiative, St. Louis, MO), Faith Crusade Ministries, Inc. (More Up Campus, Montgomery, AL.), Meztli Projects (The Land Under the Plinth, Los Angeles, CA), Nááts'íilid Initiative (Walking with Dinétah, Dinétah Four Corner Region), Philadelphia Contemporary (ConsenSIS, Philadelphia, PA.), Southwest Folklife Alliance, Inc. (La Doce, Tucson, AZ), West Virginia Mine Wars Museum (Courage in the Hollers, Matewan, W.V.), and Woodside on the Move (Tandang Sora, Queens, New York)

Partner Organizations: Aspen Institute, Center for Restorative History at the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History, the National Park Service – National Mall and Memorial Parks, and Open Society Foundations

Educational Partners: Corcoran School of Art & Design at the George Washington University and the Center for Public Art & Space at the University of Pennsylvania Weitzman School of Design

Major Support Provided by: The Mellon Foundation