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The New York Times | December 2022
National Mall Commissions 6 Artists for Monument Exhibition

Bloomberg | December 2022
The National Mall Is Hosting a Pop-Up Exhibit for New Monuments

artnet | December 2022
A New $4.5 Million Public Art Initiative Aims to Create ‘More Inclusive and Equitable’ Monuments. The First Selection Is Coming to the National Mall

ARTnews | December 2022
Monuments Show Planned for National Mall

Surface | December 2022
The National Mall Enlists Six Artists for an Exhibition About Diaspora and Migration

The Art Newspaper | December 2022
Temporary Monuments to Pop Up on the National Mall in Washington, DC, in New Initiative

NPR | October 2021
Who do Americans honor most? The National Monument Audit wants to find out

Philly Mag | October 2021
Who Deserves a Statue — And Who Never Did? Philly’s Monument Lab May Have Answers

Washington Post | October 2021
America’s 50,000 monuments: More mermaids than congresswomen, more Confederates than abolitionists

HyperAllergic | October 2021
Violence Is The Most Common Subject of Commemoration in US Monuments

CityLab | October 2021
Why There Are Still 149 Statues of Christopher Columbus in the U.S.

National Geographic | September 2021
Who do American monuments honor the most? A landmark study finally has answers.

Smithsonian Magazine | September 2021
Scholars Spent a Year Scrutinizing America’s Monuments. Here’s What They Learned

ArtNet News | September 2021
Half of the Top 50 Most Memorialized Figures in the United States Owned Slaves, According to a New Survey of the Country’s Monuments

Philadelphia Inquirer | May 2021
‘The impossible is what we do’: A new art project honors neighborhood ‘Staying Power’

The New York Times | May 2021
They are Their Own Monuments

Fast Company | April 2021
Explore your city’s invisible history with this free AR app”

NPR | February 2021
“Memorializing The Deaths Of More Than 500,000 Americans Lost To COVID-19”

Forbes | October 2020
Mellon Foundation Commits $250 Million To ‘Reimagine’ U.S. Monuments Amid National Debate

The New Yorker | September 2020
"The New Monuments America Needs"

Hyperallergic | July 2020
“What Constitutes an ‘Appropriate Monument’? Philadelphians Have a Few Ideas”

Artforum | June 2020
"Interview: Paul Farber and Ken Lum on reimagining symbols and systems of justice"

CityLab | October 2017
What I Learned in the Monument Wars

Philadelphia Inquirer | September 2017
"Philly's big new art project asks: Who deserves a monument, anyway?