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The New Yorker | September 2020
"The New Monuments America Needs"

National Geographic | August 2020
"As statues get torn down, which monuments should we visit?"

Los Angeles Times | July 2020
"Goodbye, guy on a horse. A new wave of monument design is changing how we honor history"

Reuters | July 2020
"As the men of stone fall, who should rise up and take their place?"

New York Times | June 2020
"Five Art Accounts to Follow on Instagram Now"

Art Forum | June 2020
"Interview: Paul Farber and Ken Lum on reimagining symbols and systems of justice"

Curbed | June 2020
"Racist Statues Are Falling. What Comes Next?"

KBIA | June 2019
What's Monumental? Arts Group Rethinks St. Louis Monuments

Penn Today | April 2019
"Research, context, and community merge at Penn and Slavery Symposium"

The Philadelphia Tribune | March 2019
"Confederate truce flag uncovers another part of history"

Philadelphia Inquirer | March 2019
"Philly art project asks: What if this other flag had been the Confederate symbol that endured?"

Hoodline | March 2019
"4 performing and visual arts events to check out in Philadelphia this week"

Trust Magazine | January 2019
Progress in 2018: A Year of Working Together

WHYY | December 2018
Black Power Afro pick sculpture takes root at Philadelphia museum

Philadelphia Inquirer I July 2018
To honor Philly's past, we don't need an old-school museum

Art21 Magazine I January 2018
On ‘Monument Lab’

Fast Company Co. Design I January 2018
The Fraught Future Of Monuments

Broad Street Review I January 2018
Monumental Future

Public Art Review I November 2017
Monumental Changes: New thinking about historical monuments is embracing inclusivity—and ambiguity.

National Capital Planning Commission I November 2017
NCPC Explores Temporary Commemoration in Philadelphia

PennIUR | November 2017
"Monument Lab: Memorializing Philadelphia as a Place of Crisis and Boundless Hope"

Hyperallergic I October 2017
Philadelphia’s Monument Lab Asks, “What’s Right for Public Space?

CityLab I October 2017
What I Learned in the Monument Wars

WHYY | October 2017
"Paper flowers bring messages of freedom from Berks Detention Center"

Generocity | October 2017
"Through Monument Lab, a tribute to the Philadelphia poet"

Metro I October 2017
Art project cloaks Germantown monument on anniversary of historic battle

PBS NewsHour I October 2017
Philadelphia Public Art Project Ponders the Meaning Behind Monuments"

Broad Street Review I October 2017
‘Passage :: Migration’ explores arrival and belonging in a city of immigrants

Next City | September 2017
"The Best Conversation About Public Monuments Is Happening in Philly"

WHYY | September 2017
"Monuments in Philadelphia"

Philadelphia Inquirer | September 2017
"Philly's big new art project asks: Who deserves a monument, anyway?"

Philadelphia Inquirer | September 2017
"Monument Lab installations debut throughout the city"

Hidden City Philadelphia | September 2017
"Monument Lab: A City-Wide Art Museum That Asks Us To “Leave Fingerprints”"

EBONY | September 2017
"Sculpture Of Ginormous Afro-Pick Installed Feet Away From Statue Of Racist Ex-Mayor In Philadelphia

Smithsonian SMARTNEWS | September 2017
"Pop-up Monuments Ask What 21st-Century Public Memorials Should Be"

Nonprofit Quarterly I September 2017
A Monumental Task: Challenging Assumptions About Who and What We Honor in Public Spheres

Okayplayer I September 2017
Empowering Black Power Afro Pick Sculpture is Unveiled in Philadelphia

Blavity I September 2017
Big Hair Don’t Care: Afro Pick Sculpture Steals the Spotlight from Controversial Philly Statue

The Root | September 2017
"Watch: Afro Pick Pops Up Near Philly’s Frank Rizzo Statue"

U.S. News & World Report & The Washington Post I September 2017
Afro Pick Sculpture Goes Up Near Former Philly Mayor Statue

Philadelphia Inquirer | September 2017
"Fall's 13 must-see art exhibits - both indoors and outside"

William Penn Foundation | September 2017
"What is an appropriate monument for the current city of Philadelphia?"

Philadelphia Inquirer | August 2017
"An explosion of arts in Philly with four major festivals: Fringe, Monument Lab, O17 and Parkway 100"

Huffington Post | August 2017
"Instead Of Focusing On Yesterday’s Monuments, Artists Are Building Tomorrow’s"

newsworks | August 2017
"Project underway to get Philadelphians to see public monuments in new way"

Curbed Philadelphia | August 2017
"Timely Monument Lab exhibit asks: What is an appropriate monument for Philly?"

Artforum | August 2017
"Tyree Guyton: THE TIMES"

Time Out | August 2017
"Five Monument Lab projects to seek out in Philadelphia parks"

CityLab | August 2017
"Building New Monuments of Truth in New Orleans"

Hidden City Philadelphia | August 2017
"Monument Lab Artist Stands Up For The City’s Lost Stoops"

ABC Philadelphia | August 2017
"Monument Lab in Center City opens for ideas"

NBC Philadelphia | August 2017
"As Philly Debates Rizzo Statue, Program Highlights New Monuments"

Medium: Barnes Foundation | August 2017
"Creative reuse in partnership with Mural Arts and Monument Lab."

Philadelphia Inquirer | July 2017
"Mural Arts 'remixes' monuments with Monument LAB"

Billy Penn | July 2017
"You can mix Philly beats on this giant boombox in Franklin Square"

Artblog | November 2015
"Monument Lab at Philadelphia Center for Architecture"

Philly Voice | June 2015
"Monument Lab rethinks public art & space"

Next City | June 2015
"400-Plus Philadelphians Have Ideas for the City’s Next Monument"

Metro | June 2015
"Finding a new memorial for modern-day Philadelphia"

WHYY/Newsworks | May 2015
"Monument Lab: an ideas festival in Philly City Hall's courtyard"

Philadelphia Inquirer | May 2015
"Monument Lab at City Hall is 'a speculative exercise'"

MARCH | May 2015
"Monument Lab at City Hall in Philadelphia"

Generocity | May 2015
"'It Takes All Sectors To Make Civic Impact Happen'"

ArtBlog | May 2015
"Remembering Monument Lab on Memorial Day"

The PhillyHistory Blog | May 2015
"Thinking about the 21st-Century Monument"

Classicizing Philadelphia | May 2015
"The Monumental and the Classical"

Haverford College Decentered Blog | May 2015
"Memory, Monuments, and Urban Space"

WHYY/Newsworks | May 2015
"With city in flux, public art project seeks ideas for new Philly monument"

City Paper | February 2015
"What to expect from this spring's Monument Lab at City Hall"