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When We #TakeItDown, What Should Go Up?

For decades, artists have innovated a variety of aesthetic strategies to craft liberatory symbols that challenge myths of permanence and interrogate the very meaning of monuments. 

An Ode to Newark

land: reflections on space & power, a publication from LAND Collective, offers visual and literary stories of migration, policing, protest, water, and gentrification. land accompanies a virtual exhibition of the same name that reflects on the question, "what is our relationship to space and how do we define power?" 

Communities of Memory: The A/P/A Voices COVID-19 Public Memory Project

Archives can serve as an activist practice. A/P/A Voices documents the complex and multi-faceted experiences that Asian/Pacific/American communities continue to face in the wake of the pandemic. 

The Dispersed Memorial: Access against Dispossession & The Right to Memory

Who has the right and means to access and create public memory? The Dispersed Memorial responds to a form of governmental violence that artificially hikes the political and economic costs of memorial construction, thus denying victims of human rights violations their right to memory. 

On Paperwork

Paperwork is how you get things done within the system. What tools do we have to examine and re-imagine the system itself? 

Monsters All the Way Down

The gruesome monstrosity of whiteness undergirds America’s systems—haunting its public spaces, pedestals, and policies. Where do we go from here?