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The Terrestrial and the Celestial: A Conversation with Mercedes Dorame

Through speculative storytelling, artist Mercedes Dorame (Gabrielino-Tongva) explores the politics and poetics of moving through Indigenous spaces, timescales, and ways of knowing—thus reclaiming material and narrative relationships to Tovaangar landscapes. 

Confronting Borderlines and Border Lies: Marcos Ramírez ERRE and David Taylor’s DeLIMITations

Marcos Ramírez ERRE (Mexico) and David Taylor's (United States) DeLIMITations confronts the contemporary U.S.-Mexico border, illuminating both the myths of its physical permanence and the false narratives that echo the American rhetoric of divinely-sanctioned westward expansion. 

Re:Generation – Announcing Nationwide Cohort of Public Art and History Projects Launching in Spring 2022

Re:Generation is a nationwide participatory public art and history project organized by Monument Lab launching in Spring 2022. The goal: to elevate the next generation of monuments that reckons with and reimagines public memory. The project subgrants a total of $1 Million across ten local field offices led by collaborative teams of artists, educators, storytellers, and organizers; each working on a commemorative campaign rooted in the living history of a neighborhood, city, or region. Monument Lab’s Re:Generation opens across the country from May Day–Labor Day 2022. Re:Generation is supported by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation’s Monuments Project.

Iván Argote, Monumental Ecology

Iván Argote's monumental interventions reckon with colonial histories while urging viewers to confront the violence—both immediate and slow— of ecological change. 

Monumental Conditions: Pasts and Futures of Washington, D.C.’s Tidal Basin

"The only thing inevitable about the Tidal Basin is entropy." 

Although preservation practices aim to contain, restore, and reconstruct, our global climate challenges call on us to embrace transition and impermanence in envisioning emergent futures. 

Monument Lab announces its inaugural Changemaker Award recipient – Dr. Salamishah Tillet.

Monument Lab announces its inaugural Changemaker Award recipient – Dr. Salamishah Tillet.