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Memorials to COVID-19 Must Hold Space for Grief and Accountability

Memorials to COVID-19 must create spaces for collective grief and accountability, while recognizing intersections between systemic racism, social inequality, and federal indifference. 

The Capitol Insurgency and the Monument

The United States Capitol is a monument to power.

The insurgency on January 6th attempted to reassert constituent power for the digital age. 

Collective Visibility

Mallory Rukhsana Nezam, Monument Lab Fellow and member of MADAD, challenges us to think about how art can commemorate the collective rather than individual heroes.

MADAD: In Conversation

Monument Lab Fellows Damon Davis, Mallory Rukhsana Nezam, and De Nichols, collectively known as MADAD sit down (virtually) to have a free-flowing conversation about the future of public spaces in both our virtual and physical, in-person worlds. 

When We #TakeItDown, What Should Go Up?

For decades, artists have innovated a variety of aesthetic strategies to craft liberatory symbols that challenge myths of permanence and interrogate the very meaning of monuments. 

An Ode to Newark

land: reflections on space & power, a publication from LAND Collective, offers visual and literary stories of migration, policing, protest, water, and gentrification. land accompanies a virtual exhibition of the same name that reflects on the question, "what is our relationship to space and how do we define power?"