Monument Lab is a nonprofit public art and history studio based in Philadelphia. Monument Lab works with artists, students, activists, municipal agencies, and cultural institutions on participatory approaches to public engagement and collective memory. Founded in 2012, Monument Lab cultivates and facilitates critical conversations around the past, present, and future of monuments. Through exhibitions, research programs, and fellowships, Monument Lab critically engages our inherited symbols in order to unearth the next generation of monuments that elevate stories of resistance and hope.

As an organization we aspire to make our decisions, including how our resources are obtained and allocated, based on these values: Art at the Core, Process Matters as Much as Outcome, Intersectionality for Transformation, Collaboration with Boundaries, Citation and Compensation, Integrity with Accountability, Culture of Care, and Wisdom and Learning.

Current Openings
Summer 2023 Internship

The Monument Lab internship is a 10 week program in summer and 12 week program in fall and spring providing undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to learn about and support local, national, and international public art non-profit work. Functioning at the intersection of fine art, museum work, history, activism, and public engagement, the Monument Lab internship program emphasizes the myriad of skills involved in non-profit work in general as well as in working specifically with monuments.

The Summer 2023 internship program will begin on Monday, June 12, 2023 and end Friday, August 18, 2023.