Re:Generation – The Land Under the Plinth

“Our community persists despite great obstacles and we are thriving. Our ultimate goal for this project is land return.”
Mercedes Dorame, The Land Under the Plinth

The Land Under the Plinth
recovers the spaces on which monuments to colonial figures once stood and dedicate an emergent place for engagement with the Tongva community and City of Los Angeles, including a learning center, research opportunities, and new markers to uplift visions for how L.A.’s First Peoples want to project themselves into the future of this metropolis.

Team members include: Joel Garcia, Mercedes Dorame, River Garza, Kimberly Morales-Johnson, and Samantha Morales-Johnson.
Local Organizational Partner: Meztli Projects


Land Under the Plinth is a project of Monument Lab's Re:Generation, supported by the Mellon Foundation. For a full list of credits, see Re:Generation.

1: Team Photo (Naomieh Jovin/Monument Lab)
2: (Joel Garcia)
3: (Erick Iñiguez)