How to Anti- A Monument

White supremacy did not begin with Confederate monuments, nor will it end when they are gone. Yet monuments have the power to shape collective memory and manipulate the past to construct and maintain violent master narratives. As activists in Chapel Hill, NC at the University of North Carolina, this year in the wake of the brave toppling of Silent Sam, a monument erected as part of a Klan led state-wide racist intimidation campaign in explicit defense of slavery, we've seen how the the removal of these monuments, by any means necessary, is as an integral action in combatting white supremacy. However, it is necessary that the fight does not end here. How else might we continue to transfigure the landscape, to reckon with acts of racist intimidation that continue to shape this land? 

Collective, community based direct action gets it done when institutions and conventional power structures continue to fail us, as we've seen this year. However, our friends, neighbors, and collaborators continue to face charges for fighting white-supremacy. This poster was originally printed in a run of 28 with 2 artists proofs to support the Anti-Racist Activist Fund, a legal aid and bail fund set up in August 2018 after Silent Sam's long-overdue toppling, finally silencing the racist specter that had marred UNC's campus for 105 years. It is now available to download here.



Take Action Chapel Hill Grassroots Activist Coalition

Take Action Chapel Hill (Maya Little, Gina Balamucki, and Annie Simpson) is a grassroots activist coalition based in Chapel Hill, NC.