Re:Generation 2024

Monument Lab Re:Generation supports a 2024 cohort of ten teams working to create new or to expand existing public art, public history, or public humanities projects. Each selected Re:Generation team receives a total of $100,000 in unrestricted funding towards their commemorative campaign or project rooted in the living history of a neighborhood, city, or region. As a central part of Monument Lab’s commitment to expanding the American commemorative landscape, Re:Generation emphasizes the selection of projects with creative representation and interpretation of erased, suppressed, or threatened stories and histories, particularly in states which have passed legislation limiting the teaching of accurate and diverse American history. Major support for Re:Generation is provided by the Mellon Foundation.

The Monument Lab Re:Generation 2024 project sites:

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Re:Generation Team
Project Lead: Sue Mobley
Project Management: Greta Gabriel and Aubree Penney
Research Associate: Kareal Amenumey
Research and Historical Advisors: Thomas J. Adams and Laurie Allen
Monument Lab Team: Paul Farber, Kristen Giannantonio, Nick Jenisch, Stephani Pescitelli, Nico Rodriguez, and Cleary Rubinos
Communications: Florie Hutchinson, Dina Paola Rodriguez, and Bella Rodriguez
Documentation: MING Media
Designer: Jonai Gibson-Selix
Contributors: Emilie Taylor Welty, Taylor Holloway, Rashidah Williams, Bryan C. Lee Jr., Michael Grote, Paul Harang, Dasjon Jordan, Charlotte Lewis, Andrea Douglas, and Jordy Yager
Project Partners: The Albert and Tina Small Center for Collaborative Design at Tulane School of Architecture
Monument Lab Board of Directors: Lola Bakare (Secretary), Ellery Roberts Biddle, Amari Johnson, Monica O. Montgomery (Vice Chair), Michelle Angela Ortiz, Stephan Nicoleau (Treasurer), Samala, Kirk Savage, and Tiffany Tavarez (Chair)

Major support for Re:Generation is provided by the Mellon Foundation.