Sue Mobley
Director of Research
Monument Lab

Sue Mobley is a New Orleans based urbanist, organizer, and advocate. She is Director of Research at Monument Lab.

Sue was most recently a Visiting Scholar at the Center for Art and Space at the Stuart Weitzman School of Design, University of Pennsylvania, as well as a member of the New Orleans City Planning Commission. 

Sue was Co-Director of Paper Monuments, a public art and public history project that invited residents to imagine new monuments for New Orleans. She served as the inaugural Visiting Fellow for Arts and Culture at the American Planning Association and formerly Public Programs Manager at the Small Center for Collaborative Design at Tulane School of Architecture.

Sue holds a BA in Anthropology from Loyola University New Orleans and an MA in Political Science from the American University in Cairo. She is the author of Human Rights, Human Wrongs, Observation of Human Rights Law and Norms in United Nations Peacekeeping Operations, a contributor to Remaking New Orleans: Beyond Exceptionalism and Authenticity, and a contributor to Teachable Monuments: Using Public Art to Spark Dialogue and Confront Controversies.