2020 Fellow
Patrick Weems
Civic Practitioner, Emmett Till Interpretive Center
Sumner, MS

Patrick Weems is a community builder, social entrepreneur, and philanthropy leader based in Sumner, MS. Weems is the founding director of the Emmett Till Interpretive Center, an emerging Civil Rights museum that is committed to developing a democratic process for memorializing the story of Emmett Till. The Center aims to engage the public in the memorialization process. In so doing, the Center, practitioners, and the community work to foster conversations that address long-lasting racial divisions and create conditions for reflection and healing. Twitter: @EmmeTillcenter and @phweems. Instagram: @emmettTillmemoryLives. 

Mississippideltaemmetttill Backroadplanet Ashleighcoleman 111Second historic marker placed at the river site vandalized beyond recognition, Sumner, MS, ca. 2019 (Emmett Till Interpretive Center)