April 28, 2023 12:30pm 1:15pm
Shifting the Lens Through a Planning Podcast

Over the past year, Monument Lab has assembled a team of storytellers and reporters to explore the invisible forces that shape both the land and story of this country. Hear from planners, researchers, and reporters who created Plot of Land to shift the lens through which land ownership is viewed. Learn how the project was conceived and produced, and how it intends to influence the national conversation. Entrenched powers and norms have paralyzed our imaginations. To build the future we deserve, there must be a radical change in our approach to policy and practice, and options that have been foreclosed by racial capitalism, exploitation, and extraction must be firmly put back on the table. The consequence of doing nothing is the status quo, or more likely, increased inequity.

Monument Lab's Director of Research, Sue Mobley, and Project Manager, Nick Jenisch, will lead a presentation, "Shifting the Lens Through a Planning Podcast" at the National Planning Conference in order to tell the story of the impetus behind and process of making Plot of Land. Nick and Sue will be joined by one of the podcast reporters, Anya Groner, and Jazmin Miller, a documentary filmmaker and podcast subject (Episodes 8&9).

Storytelling is an important component of changing minds, and therefore, policies. Podcasts are now a pervasive medium reaching millions of diverse listeners. Giving a megaphone to real people and dynamic, place-based stories that explain how we got here is the first step in undoing past oversights and wrongs. 

To attend, registration is required.