April 21, 2023 1:00pm
Monuments of the Future: Planning for a More Equitable Public Space Webinar
American Planning Association Webinar

What will monuments of the future look like? What stories belong in public spaces? What is the role of planners, designers, historians, and artists in this conversation? The Urban Design & Preservation Division and the Arts & Planning Division are partnering to have a conversation about what planners can do beyond monument removal. Thought leader and Co-Director of the Monument Lab, Paul Farber, will present findings of the nation-wide Monument Audit in a webinar. The National Monument Audit allows us to better understand the dynamics and trends that have shaped our monument landscape, to pose questions about common knowledge about monuments, and to debunk falsehoods and misperceptions within public memory. Paul Farber will also share the Monument Lab's Re:Generation project which explores the question "Which stories belong in public?". Re:Generation is a nationwide participatory public art and history project organized by Monument Lab. The project elevates people shaping the next generation of monuments reckoning with and reimagining public memory. By sharing examples of underrepresented stories in public spaces, planners will see the possibilities for how we imagine monuments of the future.