April 18, 2023 12:30pm
Excavating Campus Histories: Memory, Monuments, and Institutional Possibilities
The College of New Jersey Campus, Education 212

Join Dr. Paul Farber, Director and Co-Founder of Monument Lab, as he delves into the ever-evolving relationship between institutional legacies and public memory in his upcoming talk, "Excavating Campus Histories: Memory, Monuments, and Institutional Possibilities.” Farber contends we can summon an evolving and more healing relationship to the past by transcending the idea that monuments function solely as static platforms for public art and history. Through an exploration of the strategies and methods utilized by campus and public constituencies, Farber will shed light on how monument landscapes can be transformed into sites of healing and repair. 

Farber will share insights from his scholarly and public projects, including Monument Lab's work in the field of campus, municipal, and contemporary art. Balancing the ideas of imprint and erasure, he explores case studies in which campuses have challenged themselves to tackle complex legacies of injustice inscribed into public spaces and institutional frameworks. In this thought-provoking conversation, Farber will address issues of permanence, power, and participation in commemorative work.