October 13, 2020 9:00am 5:00pm
Becoming Public Art: Keynote Presentation by Ken Lum
City of Markham (Canada)

In this special presentation, as part of Markham's virtual public art summit "Becoming Public Art: Working Models & Case Studies for Art in Public," internationally celebrated artist Ken Lum lays out the key points that public artists, or persons interested in public art, need to consider regarding the role of public art in society today. The keynote considers how public art is called upon to perform as a so-called public good, while at the same time it has become instrumentalized by administrative language. Lum presents these key points as an index of terms essential for every public artist to know. Lum will also speak about this moment as a “monuments moment” brought about by the unprecedented change to our collective existence under a global pandemic, which catalyzes a re-examination of public space and the institutions that govern it.