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Episode 16: “Not Peaceable and Quiet” with Counterpublic Artists Matt Joynt, Anthony Romero, and Josh Rios

This episode of Monument Lab, we recorded live from the Pulitzer Arts Foundation in St. Louis, where Monument Lab has a research residency this summer. As a part of Public Iconographies, we are mapping monuments of St. Louis with a research team at the museum, in parks, and public spaces around the whole city, as a part of the Pulitzer’s Striking Power exhibition. To kickoff this project, we spoke to a trio of artists – Matt Joynt, Anthony Romero, and Josh Rios – as they prepared for their own exercise in mapping.

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Episode 014: The New Gatekeepers: Will Google decide how we remember Syria’s Civil War?

This episode we are joined by Global Voices Advocacy Director Ellery Roberts Biddle, whose article “The New Gatekeepers: Will Google Decide How We Remember Syria's Civil War” was recently published on Monument Lab’s bulletin. We discuss how big tech companies like Google and Facebook are shaping our view of the historical record of war atrocities and other traumatic events. We are also joined by Jackie Zammuto of Witness, where she is a program manager focused on video and media to defend human rights. Zammuto works with community organizations on documenting police accountability, immigrant rights, and indigenous rights.

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