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Episode 19: Missing Democracy with Coco Guzman — New Monuments for New Cities

Coco Guzman is a Spanish-Canadian queer artist based in Toronto. Guzman draws, documents, and gathers stories that are public and intimate. They created Missing Democracy – modeled after pet posters posted on utility poles and community bulletin boards – where a Grumpy Cat stands in for democracy. We speak with Guzman about their approach to working on and in public spaces, especially to deal with memory as monumental in subtle, purposeful ways.

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Episode 20: Monument to Lucy Gonzalez Parsons with Eric García — New Monuments for New Cities

Eric García, based in Chicago, uses his political cartoons, mixed media installations, murals, hand printed posters and drawings to to engage ideas of nationalism, white supremacy, and exclusion. For his recent monumental poster, Monument to Lucy Gonzalez Parsons, he highlights a labor leader and anarchist organizer from Chicago whose impact on the history of labor is astounding. We speak to García about Parson, how he learned about her, and how he could better honor her.

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Episode 21: Expanding Monuments with Regina Agu — New Monuments for New Cities

Regina Agu has been researching and engaging green spaces in Houston, including Emancipation Park, especially to understand the legacy of communities of color in these spaces. As an artist, in a city where zoning laws, or lack thereof, impacts preservation, Agu also has seen the ways artists are on the forefront of innovating around and along with those parameters. Agu has been a visiting artist and resident of Project Row Houses and the University of Houston, where she studied the psychogeography of Emanciaption Park. She has witnessed the aftermath of monument takedowns in New Orleans, and seen firsthand how artists can take the lead in reclaiming, re-naming, public spaces.

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