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Episode 013: Up With Ida; A Monumental Teach-In for Ida B. Wells at the University of Mississippi

Ida B. Wells was an investigative journalist, an educator, a suffragist, a truth teller. Today, her great-granddaughter, author Michelle Duster, carries on her legacy. This week, Duster travels to the University of Mississippi, where scholars and students have organized the Ida B Wells Teach In: A Monument to Justice, planned in response to an effort to rename the University’s journalism school after Ida B. Wells. It also occurs in the face of a struggle to remove a confederate monument from the heart of campus, all a part of ongoing efforts to seek “reparative justice” for the campus. We speak with Duster and two of the event organizers, History Professor Garrett Felber and graduate student Beth Kruse.

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Episode 011: Climbing the Statue of Liberty and Fighting Immigrant Family Separation with activist Patricia Okoumou

Activist Patricia Okoumou is widely known as the woman who climbed the Statue of Liberty on July 4, 2018. Okoumou ascended the base of the statue as a direct action against the Trump Administration’s harsh and inhumane tactics of family separation at the US-Mexico border. Monument Lab spoke with Okoumou shortly before her trial to discuss the motivations and effects of her monumental stand.

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