Spring 2023 Internship

The Monument Lab internship is a 10 week program in summer and 12 week program in fall and spring providing undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to learn about and support local, national, and international public art non-profit work. Functioning at the intersection of fine art, museum work, history, activism, and public engagement, the Monument Lab internship program emphasizes the myriad of skills involved in non-profit work in general as well as in working specifically with monuments.

The Spring 2023 internship program will begin on Monday, January 23, 2023.


Interns are paired with supervisors from the various teams at Monument Lab, including Projects, Research, Communications, Operations and Administration, Design, and Partnerships. Unless otherwise stipulated to receive course credit or funding, interns are expected to contribute 20 hours per week in the summer session and 10 hours per week in fall and spring sessions, which can be done virtually, in person at our office in Philadelphia, or as a pre-determined combination thereof. If more hours are required to fulfill funding or credit requirements, we are happy to accommodate your requirements.

If feasible with interns' schedules, the intern cohort will attend weekly theoretical discussion sessions as well as mentoring sessions presented by the staff members of Monument Lab and by artists and representatives from partner organizations.


Currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students and students who will have graduated the previous semester are welcome to apply. Candidates with a demonstrated interest in the fields of art, architecture, public policy, history, design, and activism are preferred.

Please note that we require interns to either receive course credit from their school for their internship or to have a designated internship funding source. Monument Lab does not provide funding at this time. We recognize that some credit and funding opportunities require students to have already secured an internship offer in order to apply; please let us know in the application form if that is the case.

In person in Philadelphia/Virtual/Hybrid
Application Requirements
Apply here by Sunday, November 27 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

Please contact Internship Coordinator Aubree Penney with any questions.