Proposal Perspectives: Reflections from Our Third Week

As Philadelphians and visitors alike continue to submit their proposals to Monument Lab, there is a community-wide desire for representation of Philadelphia citizens. A mission of Monument Lab is to engage our citizens in the public art produced by the city. Many members of the city wish to depict to honor the daily routines and everyday life of their families and neighbors, of their cultures and neighborhoods.

Monument Lab asks the question “What is an appropriate monument for the current city of Philadelphia?” The call to include more historical and public figures from Philadelphia is prominent throughout our weeks of proposals. However, multiple proposals (some of which are included below) offer that the best way to represent the current state of Philadelphia is to portray its citizens -- the very backbone of our community who may otherwise go unnoticed. It is a call to find the art in our everyday lives and in other people. It is a way to venerate the present population of Philadelphia, who will shape and lead our future. Monument Lab asks us to discuss our city's history through the perspective of our art. These proposals to Monument Lab ask the city to tell our future through the perspectives of our people. The portrayal of the public, in addition to the public figures, highlights the pride and sense of community prevalent both at our pop up studios and around our city. It is inspiring to see the love and reverence that our Monument Lab visitors have for one another. As one proposal, by our visitor named Kayla, stated “We are Philadelphia”.

Aileen Walsh